About us


Hi babes, I'm Mia I was 13yrs old when I started my boutique. I started my journey on Instagram in September of 2016 selling accessories to earn money to be able to help those in my community. I decided I wanted to go mobile and launched the first mobile boutique in Kern County on August 15, 2017 my older sister that was 18yrs old at the time quit her job to help me drive our truck around, I open my storefront in Aug 2018. My purpose is to give back to my community in anyway I can. I’m extremely blessed to have so many people who support me and to have such amazing customers. I decided to close my storefront in March 2020 and do online only. Thank you all for the continuous support  because without all of you none of this would have been possible. 

    XoXo Mia & Mélange